Adele Lemlek, Esq.

Adele Lemlek, Esq.

Senior Consultant, Coaching & Transition Services

With Adele’s guidance I was able to lay out the plans to launch my own practice. I would not have had that road map without her advice and coaching.

Senior Attorney, AmLaw 100 Firm

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In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

Yogi Berra

You were a tax attorney; what was your path to consulting?

I spent eight years doing tax controversy and corporate work before transitioning to the marketing and sales arena. Returning to the legal industry, I joined the New York City Bar Association as their first Director of Marketing – a very exciting opportunity. I was tasked with both re-branding and re-positioning the association to attract younger attorneys. As part of the repositioning, I worked closely with leading national and global firms and area law schools to create and launch career, professional transition, and skill development programs and services that would meet the current needs of the legal community. I greatly enjoyed that aspect of my role at the Bar and when the opportunity to focus more fully on career management and development for attorneys presented itself, I leapt at it.

You have significant experience in both law practice and marketing and sales; how does that inform your approach to counseling?

Having made several transitions in my own career, and serving in both legal and non-legal capacities, I understand the transferability of skills. With experience as a law clerk, an associate, a former partner at a boutique law firm, and business development manager, I have a broad view of potential opportunities within the law. But I also have a business perspective, gained through years in senior marketing and business development roles at a number of top brand names in the legal services, financial and publishing sectors. I understand how business people think, and I can craft approaches that appeal to that market for the benefit of clients who wish to raise their business acumen, grow a practice or transition to roles outside of law firms.

What is your personal coaching style?

I am very pragmatic in my approach and emphasize consistency and taking small steps each day to achieve results. I am personally invested in helping each of my clients reach their goals and find that humor and gentle prodding are powerful tools. I often am able to motivate our clients to engage in activities that will help them achieve their goals, even though they may be operating outside a familiar comfort zone.

What do clients say about you?

I think they would say I am an empathetic, practical cheerleader and am full of ideas.

Where did you spend your school days?

I attended Boston University School of Law, and Queens College in New York.

You seem like someone with many interests. How do you spend some of your downtime?

I like being on the go. My family is quite international, with members living all over the world including in Canada, Asia and Europe. Whenever we can, we take trips coordinated with family visits. Closer to home, I am hooked on the competitive game, Mah Jongg, which is rather idiosyncratic, but a fun topic of conversation. People always want to know about it and they are curious as to how this became a passion.

Compliments from

I appreciate the tremendous value of Adele’s time. She retooled and made improvements in my resumé, which I know I never would have accomplished alone.

Partner, AmLaw 100 Firm

What I appreciate most about Greiner Consulting is the support I received from everyone. The transition process can be very difficult and stressful, but I could always count on my counselor, Adele, to provide encouragement and support during the stressful times. It’s important for me to work with positive, knowledgeable individuals, and Adele embodies these characteristics.

Adele has been very helpful in managing the process by circulating job postings that may be of interest to me as well as introducing me to individuals that may be helpful in achieving my career goals. The entire Greiner team has been amazing and their services are invaluable to anyone contemplating a career change.


In my first meeting with Adele I got at least 10 gold nuggets to help me in my interviews and letters. Am very comforted to have her on my side as I move forward.

Senior Counsel, AmLaw 100 Firm

With Adele’s guidance I was able to lay out the plans to launch my own practice. I would not have had that road map without her advice and coaching.

Senior Attorney, AmLaw 100 Firm

I am thankful for Adele’s help and support through my career transition. I enjoyed working with her and benefitted tremendously from her advice and encouragement. She is truly inspiring.

Associate, AmLaw 100 Firm