Julie Caron Remer Esq.

Julie Caron Remer, Esq.

Managing Director, West Coast

Julie gave me concrete, actionable assignments, and was a tremendous confidant. Having her in my corner made a huge difference.

Associate, AmLaw100 Firm

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You were a complex commercial litigator, what drew you to counseling?

While I enjoyed being a litigator, I was always interested in the trajectory underlying a lawyer’s career. In fact, when I take personality assessments such as the Meyers Briggs, they suggest that an ideal career for me would be counseling! Even while at law school, I became the ‘go-to’ person for advice on a wide variety of topics. Fortuitously, in 2011, I saw a job posting at University of San Diego School of Law for a position in career services, and I knew I had to apply. That role eventually led me to Greiner Consulting Group.

You have had an interesting legal career, what informs your perspective/experience?

I spent most of my career in private practice at both large and mid-sized firms; so, I understand the environment our clients operate within and the challenges they face in various law firm environments.

I have a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges faced by both in-house counsel and entrepreneurs, having served as in-house counsel and CEO for a business I co-launched. Eventually, I was inspired to move into career counseling, and spent over four years at the University of San Diego School of Law Office of Career & Professional Development. My primary accountability was to advise and guide alumni on their careers.

The variety in my background makes it possible for me to see the potential for great outcomes with each attorney I coach, no matter what his or her history. My own path of changing careers and taking chances informs my approach, ideas, and solutions. Explore new opportunities! Get a little uncomfortable! I find that this is where the attorneys I coach discover the most satisfying and rewarding results.

My coaching training, experience, and determination ensure that I find the right way to encourage each individual, I remain solidly on his or her side.

Where did you spend your school days?

I grew up in Orange County, California, but always wanted to go away to college. I was lucky enough to receive a full National Merit scholarship to attend the University of Houston, and while I loved the culture there, I knew I wanted to return to my roots. I received my law degree from UCLA School of Law and have been in Southern California ever since.

What attracted you to Greiner Consulting Group?

Greiner Consulting Group had been on my radar for some time. Jennifer’s reputation and her approach to coaching and career counseling, along with her emphasis on a nurturing a cohesive team struck a chord with me. I ran into her, Joi and Adele at a NALP conference; our philosophies meshed remarkably well, and I felt an immediate connection. I knew that by teaming up with them, I would be able to offer clients the kind of coaching and counseling services that would be most responsive to their needs and at the same time have access to an exceptionally experienced team with deep experiences and resources.

What do clients say about you, what is your personal style?

Clients almost always remark that I am able to put them at ease and make them feel better when they are tense or stressed. In my office at USD Law, I had a little magnet that said “Everything Will Be OK” and that seemed to really resonate with the students and alumni. They liked that I was able to be upbeat and positive while still taking their individual situation seriously. It’s a hard mix to achieve, but an important one. I believe that I have an adaptable style that I tailor to who the client is and what their needs might be at any given moment.

How do you work with people you have counseled?

One of the most important techniques I employ is asking questions, closely listening to the answers, and then building on those elements to create a productive and meaningful conversation. My deposition training as a litigator has helped me be a better and more active listener. The point is not for me to sit and give a speech on job search tactics or client development; but rather, to find out what will truly be useful to the client and advice them from that vantage point. Sometimes I am surprised by the answers I get and the whole focus of the meeting is shifted, which is great – it means we are having a genuine conversation and making progress.

When not at work, what do you enjoy?

Spending time with my daughters. I’m now officially a soccer mom since the eldest started playing soccer. Keeping up with them is my priority, but I also enjoy going to the beach, hiking, and trying new restaurants with my friends. I am an avid reader and am always in the middle of a book, sometimes several at one time.

Compliments from

Compliments and words of appreciation for Julie Remer! Julie was a fantastic resource during my job search. Beyond reviewing my resumé and cover letter and providing very helpful suggestions, Julie was a constant source of creative ideas and strategies, which played a valuable part in my ultimate success in finding an in-house position. Julie was super responsive – we met or talked frequently – and she was always positive, supportive, and inspirational. She even helped me strategize about how to negotiate my offer. She was a real asset.

Counsel, AmLaw 100 Firm

I think that I can never fully repay Julie for her help.

Senior Associate, AmLaw100 Firm

Julie helped me during an extraordinarily difficult time, giving me concrete actionable items and positive encouragement in my search for a new legal position. She focused on finding ways to help me put my best foot forward, but was also sensitive to the human aspect behind it all. She was responsive, dependable, and always made time to guide me through the difficult and sometimes-scary process of looking for a new job.

Having Julie in my corner made a huge difference. I wholeheartedly recommend Greiner Consulting to my friends and peers who are also looking for an independent ally in the job-search process.

Associate, AmLaw 100 Firm

I love the work Julie did with me to reorganize my resumé. I can see how this will benefit my in house job search as it does a better job of presenting the totality of my legal career.

Associate, AmLaw 100 Firm

Julie had a significant impact on my job transition. At first, I was a skeptical because I wasn’t sure what a coach could do. I’m very glad that this assumption was proven wrong.

Julie helped in every phase of the job search, whether it was helping prepare the necessary documentation (i.e., my resumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile) or conducting mock interviews and negotiating offer packages.  Equally as important, Julie just made me feel better when I was down, and I was very fortunate to have someone like her to turn to in confidence at that particular moment in time.

From a substance perspective, she’s great at her job, provides thoughtful feedback and is extremely responsive. Taken together, I think it is important to provide this feedback because I definitely believe everyone should have this career support.

Associate, AmLaw 100 Firm

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