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Kimberly Young

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As a seasoned PD professional with decades of experience at top AM Law firms what valuable advice do you offer your clients at Greiner Consulting Group?

Thinking specifically about younger lawyers who are just beginning their careers, I would encourage them to remain eager, curious, and patient.  The practice of law is challenging in many respects and the learning curve is steep. Be patient with yourself and the process, especially if you are starting off in a firm.  Engage with senior colleagues and the organization as a whole and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Your voice matters and can make a difference.

With senior lawyers, I would say, don’t underestimate the value that you are bringing to the table.  After you’ve practiced for a while, it’s easy to lose touch with how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned. Taking stock of your achievements along the way is every bit as important as addressing your growth challenges.

What do you enjoy most about working with attorneys from the perspective of an outside coach?

We have the great fortune at Greiner Consulting Group to work with some of the most talented attorneys in the field.  They are a smart, driven, and fully capable group.  It is exciting to partner with them on their journey and to have a positive, and hopefully lasting, impact on their career.  I find working with the lawyers we coach to be both stimulating and highly rewarding.

You hold an MSW alongside your coaching education; how has your training informed your approach to working with individuals and teams.

My MSW and my coach training have both increased my listening skills and improved my ability to frame questions that take the conversation and work we are doing to a deeper level.  I think these qualities help ensure that I add value to the teams I’m on and they underpin my efforts to bring out the very best in my team members.  The training I’ve received has helped me find my voice as a coach and ensures that voice is authentic.    

What inspires you away from work?

My three young grandchildren! I am so very lucky to have the most precious and loving grandchildren. They add tremendous joy to every day.  I’m also continuously inspired by New York City – the diversity of people, the energy of the city, and the endless variety of things to do and places to eat!  I feel so lucky to have made NYC my home since I first entered the legal industry.